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How long does it take to renovate a kitchen- Steps to remodel a kitchen

Many people's list of home improvement projects includes a kitchen renovation at the top. Designing your kitchen to your specifications may make your house much more fun. Whether hosting a party or preparing meals for the family, having a bespoke kitchen can improve everything. However, several obstacles must be overcome before beginning your ideal kitchen remodeling services in Saint Louis. Finding the time to complete the kitchen makeover might be one of the largest challenges because it can be a time-consuming procedure during which you may not have complete access to your home. If you plan to remodel your kitchen, you'll want to know how long it takes to renovate a kitchen so you can prepare for the inconvenience of being without a kitchen. Each kitchen renovation is unique and will take much time to complete. We have put together this article explaining an approximate time frame about how much time each step of a kitchen remodels will take to help you understand how long to expect your kitchen remodel to take.

Types of renovation – kitchen services

There are three types of renovations:

  • Cosmetic

  • Remove and Reinstall

  • Custom

Cosmetic kitchen renovations

A straightforward renovation that replaces easily removed things is a cosmetic kitchen remodel. This could involve getting new appliances, a new backsplash made of tiles, a new countertop, new hardware for your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, or even a fresh coat of paint for the kitchen. If you were planning to sell your home and only a few things needed improving before you put your house on the market, you would normally make cosmetic kitchen upgrades. If you recently moved into your home and dislike the paint color, the countertop, etc., you can also consider cosmetic kitchen renovation services.

Removing and installing kitchen renovation

The cosmetic renovation is extended by the remove and reinstall renovation. This kind of renovation would remove everything and return to the same spot. Kitchen cabinets are often removed during this remodeling and installed again in the same location. This indicates that the arrangement of your kitchen remains the same, including the placement of your washbasin, refrigerator, and stove.

Custom Kitchen Renovation

With this kind of refurbishment, the possibilities are endless! Create the kitchen of your dreams by letting your creativity run wild. If you wanted to expand your kitchen, make it more open, or modify the layout, you would carry out this kind of makeover. The layout of your kitchen will be changed as part of this remodeling. Moving the refrigerator, cooker, or washbasin may be necessary. Remodeling might also entail removing the breakfast room to make the kitchen bigger. Usually, a unique makeover is required to enhance the kitchen's functionality.

Steps to remodel a kitchen

The average kitchen remodeling job lasts three to six months, but a larger project can easily take up to or even longer than one year.

Pre-Construction Phase

Even though the most obvious part of the building typically receives the most attention, a lot must happen before swinging a sledgehammer. Below are the specifics steps to remodel a kitchen that must be checked before starting the project.

STEP 1: Close on your property

Many homeowners start planning a renovation when they are under contract or getting ready to close on a home. The best suggestion is to wait to take any action until after you have closed on the house and received the keys. If you must start the design process immediately, at the very least, wait until the contract has been signed.

STEP 2: Post your project

Priorities first, invite bids for your project. Provide information about the area you wish to remodel to the expression website. Although not required, inspiration photographs help us locate contractors that have completed comparable projects for you. Add any additional details that could aid in matching you with suitable contractors. You'll get 3-5 matches and links to online contractor profiles. To determine if they would be a suitable fit, look at client testimonials and images of previous work.

STEP 3: Level bids and choose a contractor (1-2 weeks)

Once every written bid has been received, it's time to evaluate and contrast them all. This guide to leveling bids may be helpful. Now is the moment to ask any follow-up questions you may have. You can also make an appointment with Expressions kitchen to review the various bids and discuss your options. The contractor you choose will draft a contract for you to review once you've made your choice. This usually includes a description of the work to be done, a breakdown of the expenses, and the schedule of payments for the project's duration.

Construction Phase

While your contractor will handle most of the tasks listed under "Construction," it's crucial to know what should go down and when. Paying your contractor on time (as specified in your contract) is essential so that the job can continue. Moreover, provide time each week in your schedule that can be used to respond to inquiries regarding specifics or adjustments that arise during building.

STEP 4: it's demo time

Old things must go! It's time for your contractor to pick up the sledgehammer after you finish the paperwork. Protect the items that are staying with tarps or plastic. This shouldn't take more than a day or two, depending on the size of your kitchen and the extent of the renovation.

STEP 5: Reroute plumbing and electrical (1-4 days)

It is possible to install new plumbing or electrical once the room has been taken down to the studs. Now that you can see what's behind the walls, think about if any plans require modification.

STEP 6: Installation – floors (1-5 days)

Even if they're buried, ensure the flooring you select is uniform across the space. The floors won't need to be replaced if you decide to change the cabinet configuration in the future.

STEP 7: Installation – all other material, including cabinets and appliances (1-10 days)

Cabinet hardware, appliances, fixtures & lighting, counters, backsplash, and all other components are typically installed in the following order. Depending on the surroundings at the site, kitchen renovation cabinet cost, and the time the supplies arrive, many aspects of this could change.

Post-Construction Phase

With your contractor, please review the work in detail; test each drawer and door; pay particular attention to the edges and finishes; and ensure that everything functions as it should. Point out any issues and put them on the punch list if there are any. If it's a minor issue, the contractor will address it immediately or schedule a later visit. Straightening a cabinet door or waiting to install the final out-of-stock item are examples of punch list tasks. The time it takes to finish the punch list can range from one day to several weeks. But when it's excessively long, that's typical because of back-ordered goods. If not, your contractor should be able to return and make all the necessary repairs in a few days.

STEP 8: The final payment

The job is finished when the last thing on your punch list has been taken care of, at which point your contractor will receive the remaining cash. This timeline aims to provide you with a thorough understanding of the many parts of remodeling and the usual time frames. It is important to consider variables beyond your control and the contractors. Typically, expressions kitchen renovators report that their kitchen renovations take three weeks to two months to complete (depending on the level of complexity)


How long does it take to renovate a kitchen? The estimation of a timeframe is quite rough. Sadly, a kitchen redesign can have many problems and take a long time. Any alterations you make after the process has begun will delay at least one week if not more. To ensure that your kitchen restoration will go smoothly, try to have all of your designs completed before construction begins. You can rely on your contractor for advice on kitchen remodeling and, if you'd like, enquire about time-saving techniques. Always be ready to extend the time you anticipate taking to redesign your kitchen by at least a month, as nothing seems to go as smoothly as we anticipate.

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